Need Help with Rock 4SE Setup: Open-iSCSI and OTG Configuration

I’ve been facing some challenges with my Rock 4SE setup and I could really use some guidance. I’m aiming to use open-iscsi while also utilizing OTG to let my Rock 4SE function as a Hard Drive, as suggested in this Blogpost. Here’s a breakdown of what I’ve encountered so far:

  1. Ubuntu 20.04 Server Image:
  • I tried using the Ubuntu 20.04 Server image provided by radxa. However, I encountered a bug with the open-iscsi version from the repository. I couldn’t initiate the connection. From what I found out this is a bug in the open-iscis version which is shipped from the repository, according to this post.
  • Motivated by the post, I attempted to build open-iscis myself, but ran into an error stating that the iscis_tcp kernel module is not found.
  1. Debian Image:
  • open-iscsi works fine on the Debian image, but I can’t seem to make my Rock 4SE appear as a Hard Drive. The g_mass_storage kernel module is missing and I’m unsure how to proceed with this.
  1. DietPi Image:
  • Tried the community-based DietPi image. While open-iscsi works fine here, I’m unable to get g_mass_storage to run. It seems like there might be an issue with the device tree configuration. When I check dmesg, there is some error related to g_mass_storage, that it can’t find and UDC?

I wonder if anyone has encountered similar issues or has suggestions on what image I should use, or any ideas on how to resolve these issues. Specifically, I need an image that supports both open-iscsi and the g_mass_storage kernel module.

Any insights or guidance would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

Best regards, Tripton