Need help on CM3 Sodimm (CM3S) image

Product in use : Rock CM3S 1G 32G Sodimm
Product to be used for mass production : Rock CM3S 1G 8G Sodimm
Product to replace : Raspberry Pi CM3

• We downloaded the rock3 image to the Rock CM3 SODIMM and tried to use UART, but the data was corrupted so we couldn’t check the communication.
• So just in case, I downloaded rock4’s image and after that no more downloads and no more progress.
• There are not many materials about SODIMM on the Radxa wiki site, but it will be very helpful if you can provide data images necessary for related development

please help us to get data images necessary for CM3S

Can you help?

Please check if you are using the following serial settings:

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Where are the eMMC flashing instructions? The closest thing I’ve found is Rock3/installusb-install-radxa-cm3-io - Radxa Wiki but does this also apply to the CM3S ?