Need drivers for the 8 inch display

I tried to get the touch working on other operating systems other than official radxa builds for 8 inch display, only display works but touch doesn’t work,
Can you provide the touch related drivers .dts files so I can test them on armbian?

i am trying to enable touch for the 8 inch display on your build, the display is from radxa, and after enabling the hadware configuration and enabling rock-5a-radxa-display-8hd from the menu, the display is working perfectly, but the touch isnt working, i was searching the official build for the touch related sources, the touch is controlled by godot GT911 driver IC, its using i2c for touch,
how do i get this to work on ?

Can someone from the development team provide me the drivers for the touch? As you can see from the images the display is working fine, but touch isn’t

What use are these displays if there isn’t any software support, i learnt my lesson, will not buy accessories with no support from devs, thanks radxa