NAS with NVME trouble with samba

Hi Guys,
I have been working on trying to get the Rock Pi 4B to work as a Samba server for a NAS.
Has anyone set up something similar to this? I don’t want to boot the pi from the nvme instead I want to use the nvme as the data drive for the NAS. I currently am having issues in getting data transfer speeds above 25mbps. I know for a fact that it is wired to a 1000mb/s switch and have had great success using this exact configuration with a Raspberry pi. I am currently using Armbian. When using ubuntu server the write speed couldn’t even crest 7mbps.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!

Is the file system using ntfs? Try ext4 and you may be pleasantly surprised.

The filesystem is ext4 and I’ve been having this problem with the integrated NVME slot and the usb3.0 ports. I enabled pcie_gen2 in the settings but there was no improvement.

First, provide us with

Results of CrystalDiskMark (4 gb file should be enough) taken from Windows client

Results of fio taken from RockPi 4b

fio --loops=2 --size=2000m --filename=~/fiotest.tmp --stonewall --ioengine=libaio --direct=1 --name=Seqread --bs=1m --rw=read --name=Seqwrite --bs=1m --rw=write
rm -f ~/fiotest.tmp

Smb version

And iperf3 speed result