N10 SPI - bypass / erase / update

Could I please validate / get the instructions to update the SPI to a later / mainline u-boot version / and how to bypass the SPI and boot from the SD card.

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Indicates this, but what is the trick? Which pins on the GPIO are required to bypass / erase the SPI?

I am running mainline 5.11.10 on the N10, but still booting with the SPI U-Boot 2017.09-2689-g7bc6514356 (Mar 04 2020 - 12:11:52 +0000).

The SD card I am booting from has been built with buildroot 2021.02 (and this is the u-boot I would like to use.) then booting in to the Radxa 18.04 Ubuntu that has been distupgraded to 20.04.

The mainline build is using the 4.4 .config (but upgraded to 5.11) a few things are missing - that I will reach out for help after I get the U-boot working. Specifically

  • unable to see the mtd (SPI)

  • unable to run npu_powerctl

    root@n10c:~# npu_powerctrl -i
    init gpio: 4
    Error writing to /sys/class/gpio/export value=4: Device or resource busy
    gpio init
    root@n10c:~# npu_powerctrl -o
    Error writing to /sys/kernel/debug/clk/rk808-clkout2/clk_enable_count value=1: Permission denied
    set clk_en 0 to 1
    Error writing to /sys/kernel/debug/clk/clk_wifi_pmu/clk_enable_count value=1: Permission denied

Here is my console log: http://ix.io/2Usl

If you load U-boot from SPI and want to remove it,
you can try to connect uart console, interrupt U-boot and execute spi erase command :wink: