My Rock3A device is unable to start

I have attempted the following, but all have failed:

  1. I used balenaEtcher to flash the rock3a-android11-20220408_1204-gpt.img provided on the website to an SD card, but the device does not work after being powered on. I got some output data from the serial port:
    This seems to tell me the device is in deep sleep, but after I press and hold the power button for 6 seconds and then shortly press the power button again, it still cannot exit sleep mode.

  2. I tried to flash eMMC with RKDevTool versions 2.81/2.86. I was able to identify it as a MASKROM device, but when I selected the Loader and Image and then pressed the RUN button, it only told me “download boot failed” without any other hints.
    I’m not sure if my Rock3A can still function normally. How should I check it?

I attempted to use the RKDevTool to download just the boot.bin and it also failed, and I am unable to read the current FlashID or other information through this tool.