My Rock Pi X Lunchbox build

Hi, I’m Steve and I’m new here.
I’m Starting a new thread to share by Lunch box build, hopefully I can answer some questions, Hopefully I can find answers to some questions.

Here is what I am building. the goal is a battery powered self contained windows 10 , touchscreen PC based on the Rock-Pi X single board PC platform .

Here is a picture of one of the first mock ups to see if this whole thing is going to be possible.

I’ll address the specifics as I run into / solve issues.

My current struggle is learning how to UPS ( Uninterrupted Power supply) this new board.
I did purchase a Pi Juice battery pack hat and it works out of the box to supply power to the board without a wall power supply attached.
However, the battery it comes with does not have enough output to power the touchscreen at the same time so I have to power the the screen separately from the wall.
I have some ideas on how to overcome that, some hardware is on the way and i will update as to successes or failures as that evolves.
I am having a hard time figuring out how to get windows to recognize the battery power, it would nice to have a an onscreen monitor like nearly all cell phones and laptops have but windows recognize the PiJuice hat as a laptop type power supply.

The Pijuice hat comes with downloadable software that will give me a GUI to do all of these things but it is a Linux based Gui so it doesn’t play nice with windows.

Any input on this would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks to the community for your time…


Check any powerbank that have pass-through charging.

But as for how to be able to monitor % of charge… that’s indeed is not simply task, taking in account that we don’t have library to work with GPIO on Window yet

Powerbank is on its way I think that will solve my portability issues, thanks .
I also read about the forthcoming libraries, maybe by the time I’m ready, they will be too.
Yup the battery monitor is going to be an issue, but not a deal breaker. I know the board is new and so is it’s following, I’m patient and wee will just have to see how it grows.

How warm does it get inside? I was kind of surprised you’re not backing the X’s heatsink up to one of the sides of the lunchbox as a radiator.

Not sure how warm it gets when fully enclosed still in the testing phase.
I tried to use the Radxa heat sink but it caused mounting issues , i chose instead to use a n Rasberry pie 4 heat sink with attached fan, so far no heating issues, will test it soon with a power bank as a power supply and be able to close it up and see if heat becomes an issue.
Will keep you updated.