My I2C pins don't work

I can only see I2C-0 and I2c-1 why are the rest of the I2C pins not working? How do I enable them?
The links to enable pins say to modify the uEnv.txt in the boot folder. I don’t have a uEnv.txt but an armbianEnv.txt, do I need to edit that? I saw this post where all of the I2C ports are enabled, How do I do that?

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You need to use device tree overlays:

Instructions for installing overlays on Armbian are here:

I am having the same issue,

radxa wiki says to just add overlays=meson-g12a-i2c-ee-m3-gpioa-14-gpioa-15 to uEnv.txt
tried adding to uEnv.txt and armbianEnv.txt still cannot see i2c-3.

it should already be compiled into the kernel. so should just need to activate it however nothing

for some odd reason the device is showing up on i2c-0 although it is connected to pins 3 and 5.
which is i2c M3 and should be i2c-3 as mentioned by the docs