Mushkin M.2.2280 SSD Not recognized in Debian


I was super excited to see what an M2 SSD would do. Unfortunately, the fresh out of the package Mushkin Source 500 GB is not recognized in Debian or Ubuntu. lsblk returns nothing and checking /dev confirms it. I don’t have an adapter handy so it will be a day before I can check the drive itself. But Mushkin is a pretty big brand in the US and Europe. A DOA drive should be unlikely.

So the questions – is there a way to check that we have an actual physical connection occurring? Also, I know this hardware design is very new – is there potentially anything we can add to enable broader support?



I have been able to run the Mushkin SSD via USB3. So there is something definitely going on with the Rock Pi.


The USB and M2 interface are two different animals.
Its kinda like saying my car thats missing an engine moves down the road just fine when its on a tow truck.
Its the USB interface that works not your NVMe


I know that. I actually tested on a different machine to make sure the drive is not DOA.

So either I am not connecting the drive correctly or something else I don’t know how to diagnose.


It could be just one thats not compatible.
We need to start cataloging the ones that do and dont work.
I have the Samsung EVO 970 250GB and it works.


The big question is why would it be incompatible? On both the USB adapter and my Gigabyte motherboard, the physical hardware slot is deeper. So the card slides in more securely. Perhaps this is the culprit? The hardware on the Rock Pi seems very small and I see a lot of still-exposed metal on the card after insertion. I have a Samsung drive on order now. We’ll see how that goes.


I dont see any exposed contacts on mine when inserted.
It appears to go in the exact required depth.


Has anyone tried the Adata SSD XPG SX7000 Lite PCIe Gen3x4 M.2 2280
or the Adata SSD XPG SX6000 Lite PCIe Gen3x4 M.2 2280 :question: