I’ve installed and using libmraa on a RockPI S v1.3.

Generic Input and Output is working.


  • Input_PullUp and Input_PullDown is not really, or anyone has a working example?

  • Pwm.write() works as reversed

I’ve tested Pwm functions with a simple LED. When i am using led.write(0) the LED is the brightest, with led.write(0.5) are half-bright, and with led.write(1) the LED is not lighting.

  • Pwm.enable(False) is not working at all

After testing Pwm and setting enable(False) at the end, the LED still lighting, which means that Pwm is still working? How can i switch it off really?

I bought the Rockpi S one month ago. I tested the PWM function on many conditions. After all, I agree to your report. I think the idea of PWM ratio is the opposite at the voltage level. Pwm.enable(False) set the pin to high voltage level. I had to add additional commands to let the pin absolutely be disable state(0 volt).
I hope it will be improved.

Why there is no pull request from to ?
I hope it will be improved too.