MRAA library for Rock 5

Hello team,

I am working on Rock 5B hardware (V 1.42) I am trying to use GPIO pins but its failing. Even POE is not working. But I got output like “Unknown platform, currently not supported by MRAA” .
Please help me with this.

Refer below images also.

$ mraa-gpio list


Thanks !

Well first you look if a program has support for a type of board.

and that mraa need a table for the 5b

raxda is little behind with updating their scripts and updates of some libs for doing diy things .

When can expect the mraa support for Rock 5B ?
Please help with this.

If you can compile mraa yourself, this is rather simple. The radxa fork of mraa has already a merge request for rock5b support. However, this fork is based on an older mraa version that does not build cleanly neither under bullseye nor bookwork. So either you merge the 5b support into the official mraa sources, or use my fork:

Radxa fork:
Official+Radxa changes on top:

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I have just built your fork,

Is there no python compatability? I don’t see any in the examples folder, and trying to import mraa results in an error.

I did not remove anything, just add some boards and fixed minor bugs. That said, I never tried something with python, but should works exactly as in official repo.

I don’t have access to my board rn, but im guessing it’s being built into the wrong python version. I will need to rebuild it.

Recently had an issue with building opencv as well. Default python version is like 3.7.5 or something, and I use 3.10.12