MQTT mosquitto server

Has anyone managed to get mosquitto server running on Armbian focal 5.10. I update and upgrade and then try use

sudo apt-get install mosquitto

At this step it errors:
Setting up mosquitto (1.6.9-1) …
Failed to reload daemon: Connection timed out

I then try and repair using:
sudo dpkg --configure -a

and it seems to progress but the board runs very unstably - sometimes hanging.

When trying to stop / start using sudo systemctl restart mosquitto get more errors - which I have not copied down unfortunately as am now rebuilding the OS yet again - but looks as if it has not started.

Which board are you using and what kernel version?

I think mosquitto is just software libraries and stack, right?

Rock Pi S.

I have no idea why it fixes it - but if you run

sudo apt-get purge mosquitto

it then loads and behaves.