MPP Segmentation Fault

mpi_dec_test -i appstart.mp4 -t 7 -f 7 -w 10 -h 10
mpi_dec_test: cmd parse result:
mpi_dec_test: input file name: appstart.mp4
mpi_dec_test: output file name:
mpi_dec_test: config file name:
mpi_dec_test: width : 10
mpi_dec_test: height : 10
mpi_dec_test: type : 7
mpi_dec_test: debug flag : 0
mpi_dec_test: max frames : 0
mpi_dec_test: mpi_dec_test start
mpi_dec_test: input file size 10302069
mpi_dec_test: mpi_dec_test decoder test start w 10 h 10 type 7
mpi: mpp version: 5ce1cb85 author: Caesar Wang debian: add rules for mpp with 20190626
mpp_log: can not found match soc name: radxa,radxa-cm3-io rockchip,rk3566
hal_h264d_api: Assertion vcodec_type & ((0x00000200) | (0x00000001) | (0x00000002)) failed at hal_h264d_init:104
hal_h264d_api: hal_h264d_init hard mode error, value=0
hal_h264d_api: Assertion 0 failed at hal_h264d_init:154
mpp_device: mpp_device_init failed to find device for coding 7 type 0
mpp_rt: NOT found ion allocator
mpp_rt: found drm allocator
Segmentation fault

Now, I build with that mpp

now it does not give error but also not giving any output too.

root@radxa-cm3-io:/home/rock/mpp/build/linux/aarch64/test# ./mpp_info_test h264.h264
root@radxa-cm3-io:/home/rock/mpp/build/linux/aarch64/test# ./mpi_dec_test h264.h264
root@radxa-cm3-io:/home/rock/mpp/build/linux/aarch64/test# ./mpi_dec_test /home/rock/2022-06-18_15-15-54.mkv

root@radxa-cm3-io:/home/rock/mpp/build/linux/aarch64/test# ./mpi_dec_test h264.h264 -w 10 -h 10 -t 7

Segmentation fault

When run this, it gives Seg Fault

What does it mean?

mpp depends on the kernel mpp driver

if they are not compatible with eachother you get trouble

and that is not the good repo

just look in the manifest wich are used