MPI4008 LCD driver rock 3c

Hi, I have this 4-inch MPI4008 screen with xpt2046 touch controller, it says it’s for raspberry pi, I’ve installed the drivers from your page in debian 11 and when it restarts it starts me in CLI, is there any way to make it work? If I connect that screen, the resolution is so great that I see the letters very small and not legible, how can I change it?

pinout of the lcd

|1、17|3.3V|Power supply +3.3V|
|2、4|5V|Power supply +5V|
|19|TP_SI|SPI data input of touch panel|
|21|TP_SO|SPI data output of touch panel|
|22|TP_IRQ|The touch panel is interrupted and the low level is detected when the touch panel is pressed down|
|23|TP_SCK|Touch the SPI clock signal of the panel|
|26|TP_CS|Touch panel select signal, low level select touch panel|