Moving from Raspberry CM4

Hello everyone,
i’m trying to move from CM4 to Rock CM3 and i need some help about system boot.
With CM4 Lite (no emmc) i just write SD with operating system and it boot without any problem.
Now with Rock CM3 writing SD i sufficent or i need to program uboot or something else before?
Thank you.

@RadxaYuntian can you help?
@Sinapsi please let me know where you want to take the Rock CM3? I base in China OKDO.

Currently there is some compatibility issue when using eMMC-less CM3 on Raspberry Pi CM4 base board.

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Update: we are now able to boot CM3 from microSD with Raspberry Pi IO board. This requires on-board SPI to be flashed with a working bootloader. We are currently evaluating more boot options and working on some issues with this bootloader.