MotionEye OS for the Rock 3A?

Will there be a version of MotionEye OS that runs on the Rock 3A whereby to transmit camera images via WiFi? Is any other software anticipated whereby to cover this application with the Rock 3A.

In general, should any retail CSI interface camera that works with the various Raspberries be likely to work on the Rock 3A?

From the supported device page:

No ROCK Pi support. Maybe we should contact the developer.

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Yes, please contact the developer of MotionEye OS to see if they will support the various Radxa SBC’s.

Its same thing again

Just install it but generally motioneye is fairly static and just some applications installed on a minimal linux install.
Its going to be more about radxa getting the DTB and hardware working such as CSI and the video encoder, but likely motioneye has no intention of support than common boards such as raspberry when you can just install your own.

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@Jack, this is the guy you would need to reach out to for MotionEye OS to gain interest in Radxa: