Mono and MonoDevelopment


Has anyone successfully installed and run MonoDevelop (the GUI) to mono?
I have been able to install mono, but monodevelop doesn’t want to start.
Using Debian and Lxe


I did installed monodevelop, but i did it on ubuntu and it’s working.
If you try to start monodevelop from terminal what output do you see?


I get no response, no core and nothing is logged. So some not sure what is going on…


I have tried monodevelop on both ubuntu and Debian with the same response…
E.g. nothing, nothing in the log file, no core etc.
Any suggestions on what I can do to debug/find the problem?


Normally you should be made aware of unfulfilled dependencies, but I would still check the dependencies out of a feeling.


You followed this guide, right?


Yes. To ensure I was following the steps correctly I did the same on a amd64 box running Debian and all went ok.


You did installed both monodevelop and mono-complete, right?
Also check the load with task manager, does it shows any activity on mono process?


Install both monodevelop and mono-complete.
When I start mondevelop from the command line ps shows:
linaro 13509 13506 92 00:29 pts/0 00:00:02 monodevelop /usr/lib/monodevelop/bin/MonoDevelop.exe
It runs for about 5 seconds and then stops.
I am getting a mono_crash…json file, but it doesn’t have anything that points to the problem.


PS? PowerShell? Also, by “doesn’t have anything” what does this file have?


At a last resort…
I installed monodevelop on my Raspberry Pi 3 with no problems.
I started with a new debian image for my RockPi 4 and used the same steps to install on the Raspberry Pi.
No luck. The process starts run for a couple of seconds and then exits.
No core, or error messages. It does leave a .json file in the directory, with the content pasted below.
Because I have been able to get monodevelop running on the Raspberry Pi and on Debian running on an desktop (AMD64) I can only conclude the problem must be the RockPi 4.
As much as I hate to, looks like I am stuck with the Raspberry Pi.
We have over a years worth of development in C#, so I just can’t start over.

Json file:
“protocol_version” : “0.0.4”,
“configuration” : {
“version” : “( (tarball)”,
“tlc” : “__thread”,
“sigsgev” : “normal”,
“notifications” : “epoll”,
“architecture” : “armel,vfp+hard”,
“disabled_features” : “none”,
“smallconfig” : “disabled”,
“bigarrays” : “disabled”,
“softdebug” : “enabled”,
“interpreter” : “enabled”,
“suspend” : “preemptive”,
“llvm_support” : “600”
“memory” : {
“minor_gc_time” : “1370435”,
“major_gc_time” : “635294”,
“minor_gc_count” : “34”,
“major_gc_count” : “7”,
“major_gc_time_concurrent” : “2348329”
“threads” : [
“is_managed” : true,
“offset_free_hash” : “0x27711881e”,
“offset_rich_hash” : “0x277119109”,
“crashed” : true,
“native_thread_id” : “0xfffffffff7722000”,
“thread_info_addr” : “0xffffffffab8b7ac8”,
“thread_name” : “monodevelop”,
“ctx” : {
“IP” : “0xf352e5ea”,
“SP” : “0xffed0508”,
“BP” : “0xffed0650”
“managed_frames” : [
“native_address” : “unregistered”
“is_managed” : “true”,
“guid” : “7AAB76E8-7BCE-48A4-B45C-F7FA613CB70C”,
“token” : “0x00000”,
“native_offset” : “0x0”,
“filename” : “gtk-sharp.dll”,
“sizeofimage” : “0x164000”,
“timestamp” : “0x0”,
“il_offset” : “0xffffffff”
“is_managed” : “true”,
“guid” : “7AAB76E8-7BCE-48A4-B45C-F7FA613CB70C”,
“token” : “0x6003df3”,
“native_offset” : “0x0”,
“filename” : “gtk-sharp.dll”,
“sizeofimage” : “0x164000”,
“timestamp” : “0x0”,
“il_offset” : “0x00021”


I can assure you, that the problem not with RockPi, but with something that you do wrong. Because i do have monodevelop working
Here screenshots

And yes i can start it with monodevelop command