Modifying hw_intfc.conf for NVME boot

I was following the following guide after managing to sort out some errors that were caused by a faulty usb and incompatible NVME SSD:

As I am on the last step to be able to boot from NVME, I update the uboot and kernel with the following commands:
$ sudo apt-get install -y rockchip-overlay
$ sudo apt-get install -y linux-4.4-latest rockpi4-dtbo rockpi4b-rk-u-boot-latest

The update is successful and I cd into /boot/ directory to modify the hw_intfc.conf. Although, there is no file in that directory. When I run ls command the files in the directory are as follows: … …
vmlinuz 4.4.15-110
vmlinuz 4.4.15-59
config 4.4.15-110
config 4.4.15-59

How do I get the hw_intfc.conf file and any missing files into the /boot/ directory, so that I may complete the step for SPI flash device of NVME SSD.

Another thing to note is that if I reboot or turn the power off I have no display output from my HDMI. I basically have to re download Ubuntu on to the NVME and complete the steps again to see any display output.

What is shown when you enter:

findmnt /
findmnt /boot

findmnt / is on nvme0n1p5 and findmnt /boot is on nvme0n1p4.

Root and /boot are on the correct partition. I was even able to complete all steps and modify the hw_init.conf file. I even modified the /boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf file, there were two kernel versions listed both with: label kernel … I replaced label with default in front of the newer kernel version. Although, after a reboot I suffered the same fate. I had a complete black screen from the HDMI output. It shows that the HDMI signal is there but the screen is black and I do not see the linux terminal as I did before. The only time I get an output from the HDMI is after I do a fresh install of ubuntu and proceed the steps from the beginning. What could be causing this problem, is something improperly configured for linux to boot?

After it reboots all that remains on is the solid green LED. The screen is completely black and I am not able to see the linux terminal as I was when I finished the setup previously.


apt remove 4.4.154-59
apt install 4.4.154-110 --reinstall

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For the newest version of u-boot, when it runs, the red(or blue) led is on.

If the spi is recorded correctly, then after turning on the power, the blue LED should light up.

The blue LED does go on at the beginning of the boot and then it flashes in bursts of two after and all that remains is a solid green LED (after configuration).

Prior to configuration when I installed a fresh version of ubuntu and performed all the steps from the beginning without a reboot Green LED is always on. Although, the moment I complete the steps and reboot I am not able to see a display output anymore.

Could this be caused by the type of NVME SSD? I am using the Adata XPG SX8200 Pro 256 GB, would that explain why on first time boot I am getting a visual and second time nothing (I switched SSD NVME, as I was previously using Samsung 970 evo plus and heard of many issues). Or could this be due to the distribution that I am using, in the instructions and many guides debian is used. I am almost certain that something is incorrectly setup though.

Is there a list of NVME SSD that the community has successfully used for SPI + NVME boot.

Made correction to LED state when screen was visible and after reboot.

If the blue LED is blinking, then the kernel is booted. If it stops blinking and goes out, then the OS has crashed. A green LED means the power is just on…

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So after I complete the steps and reboot the kernel is booted the problem is that I do not get any output from the HDMI. It says that it is on but the screen remains blank.