Missing SSID:s seen with other devices

I bought a couple of Rock 4 SE due to the RPI shortage (have lots of RPI:s and other devices) to solve a problem of bridging a AIR ventilation device that only has a separate wifi access and built in webserver to my regular network. I’m able to connect to that SSID with all other devices i have tried with (iphone, android, ubuntu laptop etc, RPI3,4…) but the Rock doesn’t list the SSID (but it list probably twice as many neighbouring and seems to have good radio). I have also tried to just add the SSID + pass explicitly but failed.

The Ventilation is a 2.4GHz only device and the SSID has a space in it “TAGE 84f703c62458”. Not sure if that can be causing some issue.

The Rock is running latest Ubuntu 20 server downloaded from https://www.okdo.com/software-hub/ . Of course i can take the easy way out and put the Rocks into the closet and use RPI:s instead. A bit annoyed that the only problem i wanted to solve failed and i don’t usually give up but i’m out of ideas and googling. Anyone that has ideas on what might cause this or have similar expereinces?

Perhaps its relatd to this:

And rather start with Armbian. OS quality is higher then official “Ubuntu” builds.

Ok, thanks. When reading the getting started i got the impression that in order to run headless and ssh it was Ubuntu server that was the only option.

I now downloaded the latest armbian (Rock 4C) jammy but i get the same SSID list as before. Again it hears a lot more SSID:s in the neighbourhood but not the one that i want and is visible simultaneously on my Ubuntu 22.04 laptop. Weird…

OMG!.. From igorp:s link above: "This is a known problem with broadcom wl driver and channel 13. Change the channel or give up. "

Yes, the ventilation is running on channel 13 and there is no way for me to change it. This was fun…

Yes, that is the problem. WiFi channels are not the same in every county and defaults might not be right.