Migrate from SD to eMMC

When I bought the Rock 5 I did not order an eMMC together, so I installed/configured it on an SD, now I have bought an eMMC and would like to migrate from one to the other.
Is there a way to do it or do I have to start from scratch?
Can the image be loaded onto the eMMC from Rock5 itself?

Not sure about eMMC, but I did SD -> NVMe migration using plain old dd. The transferred file system will be “dirty”, but that should get fixed on the first boot from the new drive.

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I wanted to flash an image of android to eMMC by using Linux which was booted on an sd card, but there were two boot partitions on mmcblk1 (which was the eMMC), separate from all the other partitions. I assumed the Rock5 is doing something on the eMMC even though it’s used by another system and finally flashed off-line through an adapter.

So I think if you’re adventurous it can be done.

There is an option via windows, make an image from the SD card and burn that with rufus or a likewise program to a SD / NVME / eMMC / Sata
By the way, you have eMMC to USB adapters for like 9$ that will do the job.


Nah, those boot partitions are specification-required, but unused.

Rk3588 actually stores eMMC/SD boot in the beginning of the primary user partition (directly in mmcblk0 / mmcblk1) between the end of the GPT and the beginning of the 1st entry in the GPT.


Someone really should have added actual partition table entries for those ROM-referenced bits, especially seeing as they put them in specifically to go around a GPT header…

A dd should do the job, if the eMMC is larger capacity than your SD. If it’s equal or smaller, you’ll have more to jump through.

I’ve tried some things and nothing worked
First tried to install a plain new image onto the emmc (Ubuntu same as on the SD) and it worked
Checked partitions while booting on emmc and saw that emmc had 3 different partitions, and the actual root is on partition 3
created an image from each SD partitions to separate files using dd
first try was to overwrite emm3 root partition (3) with SD root partition (2) it never boot up (I`m headless connecting trough ssh)
then tried to ovewrote also the other partition same result
Also checked the contents of config.txt as they are very different and tried a lot of stuff, then abandoned and continue running from SD as the setup was very complex and long and was working well.
anyway I will try to restart my attempts .
Is there any advice, official instructions or tool to help me migrate from SD to emmc?

Thanks in advance