Microphone Support

Hi there

I’m curious about the new RockPi S.
After reading about audio (seems to be working), I would like to know what
microphones are supported for recording audio in v.1.1 ?

(A) analog Mics
(B) analog MEMS
(C ) digital MEMS

And connected to that question, what interface is usable and working?

(A) I2S
(C ) TDM
(D) … ?

It seems, that regarding I2S, the clock source is missing in RockPi S v.1.1 pinout design. Hence, I have the following questions:

Is I2S audio recording working at all?
Is PDM usable?
Is TDM usable?
Which interface should we use?
How many microphones are supported (8?)
Can you provide a reference microphone?
Is there a tutorial available how to connect the microphones to the board?

Thanks in advance!

Best regards!