MIC inputs as linear inputs

Hello colleagues!

I consider buying this board for StereoSystem with Bluetooth by this link:
Module I consider purchasing

And I have some questions:

  • Is it possible to use MIC inputs as stereo linear inputs. As the revision v1.3 has only 4 MIC inputs as diffpairs, I’d like to use 2 MIC inputs for RDA5807 local radio tuner and 2 more MIC inputs for linear input (maybe I’ll embed 2 multiplexed linear inputs). Or, use 2 MIC inputs for linear inputs and multiplex 4 inputs for radio and the rest of linear inputs, and 2 rest MIC inputs for microphones
  • If yes, how to set up? For the main option, I’d like to setup in ALSA
  • As well, I’d like to set up alsa-equalizer to be able to set sound, but it was hard to understand. Is it able to set up sound control through Python scripts?
  • How to mix Bluetooth/Radio/Internet Radio/Linear input with system sounds?