Metal or ABS enclosure for Rock Pi 3?

The connector components in RockPi3 is very similar with Raspberry Pi 3
But there still cannot match the Metal enclosure designed for Raspberry Pi 3.

It seems the location of USB Type-C in RockPi3 is not matching to cause this problem.

Is there Metal or ABS enclosure is fit for Rock Pi 3?
Does the Rock 3 has hardware modification version to fit the Raspberry Pi3 enclosure?


Check this:

I have bought this metal housing from ALLNET China.
But this housing did not have rubber cover to press the Power Button.
How do I manually turn on this device?
By unplugging/plugging the power adapter?

This USD 19.90 housing looks pretty but it doesn’t quite fit the bill.

The metal housing did not have rubber power button to press.
Does ALLNET offer some type of the rubber to use?

ROCK 3 is running in low power, actually you don’t need to power off it.