Metal case for Rock 5 - when ? How?

Anyone knows a bit of when and how to get a metal case for the ROCK 5 B ?
Thanks for any sugs.

lol do a search on the forum u will find your answer very fast… also… allnet or ameridroid okdo they all have radxa oficial metal case.

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It is sold out on Allnet.china and “pre order” on AmeriDroid. I use this:

Big enough for placing either the passive or the active official headsink.

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thanks @radrad about the okdo link - that i didnt know about !
…as for the 2 others they dont have in stock at this time (and no precise dates for availabilty) …so still a bit hungry for one ! :upside_down_face:
will check with okdo

Thanks for the link @xt3
maybe a friend of mine could 3D metal print it. (???)
I’ve used other metal case for mini Boards…and I’m not really confortable using Plastic made one under a very hot climate zone.

I was told that production would resume after the Chinese holiday, and probably by mid-February they would be ready for shipping. That info is old though (before the Chinese holiday).

Thanks, I will check again on those sites… :partying_face: