Media Card Backup Device

Planning out a project for a memory card backup device, similar to LittleBackupBox, but with touchscreen and GUI support for in the field photo backups. I’d like it to be self powered (and able to power an external SSD and card reader on the USB3 ports). I was original considering the raspberry Pi 4, but given their supply issues, I was searching around and came across the ROCK PI 4 Model C+ which looks like an excellent alternative since it seems to be compatible with most rPi accessories.

For power I was interested in the PiJuice Hat since it can both power the pi board and charge through the pi as well which simplifies the possibility of using existing rPi cases. I’ve seen a few posts suggesting the PiJuice HAT may be compatible with some tweaks, can anyone confirm whether it will work with the RockPi 4 Model C+?

For screens, I was considering a few models:
Waveshare 2.8" DSI capacitive touchscreen
Osoyoo 3.5" DSI capacitive touchscreen

I’d also like to have a case if possible, but don’t have access to a 3d printer. The HighPi Pro case looks like it might work at least as far as fitting the PiJuice; maybe I could use a dremel to cut out a notch in the top for the display and hot glue it on, but I wish there was a better purpose made solution.

I did find this Waveshare 4.3" cap touch dsi screen with case which looks good. The screen is a bit bigger than what I wanted, but otherwise looks pretty good, although I can’t tell whether it would have enough room for the PiJuice.

From radxa documentation here though it looks like touch function on those Waveshare DSI displays doesn’t work on Rock Pi? If the waveshare screens don’t support touch, are there other DSI based capacitive touchscreens that work with Rock Pi 4 C+?