Mechanical drawings?

I’m interested in creating a carrier board for the CM3. Is there a mechanical drawing somewhere that I can use to create a Kicad footprint? (Or better yet, is there a Kicad footprint available?)

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You can just use the RPi CM4 IO board Kicad project if you don’t need the third connector. The Radxa CM3 IO board is designed with Orcad and PADs.

I’m planning to use the third connector. I can make my own footprint if there’s a drawing somewhere with the location and orientation of the third connector.

We have released the design of the Radxa CM3 IO board. Please check if there is anything missing.

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Perfect, thanks!

I’m having trouble finding software that can open the .pcb file. The .dxf file has pad placement, but doesn’t seem to have pad numbers / net names.

Can you tell me the order of the pads? Based on the 12 differential pairs on the bottom of the right side of the 3rd connector in this photo of the bottom of the CM3, it looks like 201 is the pin closest to the low speed connector. Is that correct?

You need:

OrCAD 16.6 or later, PADS 2.5VX or later.

to view the design files.

You can download a free version PADS viewer here:

I just marked the connector part and pin number here:

Thank you, that’s helpful. However, I think you may have that upside-down. As you have it marked, pins 99, 93, 87, 81, 75, 69, 63, and 57 are all connected to the same copper pour (presumably GND.) - this is why I think those must be 1, 7, 13, 19, 25, 31, 37, and 43.