Measured Rock Pi 4 power consumption

I would like to share my own measurements of Rock Pi 4 power consumption.

I have Rock Pi 4 4A v1.4 (pre, without SPI) with Ubuntu Server 18.04 installed and updated.
I’ve installed cpufrequtils and set governor to “ondemand”.

Rock Pi 4 idle - 2,02 W
LAN connected - adds 0,43 W
HDMI connected - adds 0,25 W
USB keyboard - adds 0,01 W
USB 3.0 cardreader (from aliexpress) - adds 1,04 W
External USB 3.0 HDD Toshiba DTP210 1TB - adds 1,47 W
Copying files from cardreader to HDD (“cp” command) - adds 2,13 W

I hope my measurements will be useful for somebody who are interested in such data.


You should test consumption with all six cores at 100%, as well as pushing the GPU to 100% (and doing both).

Hm. This results slightly differs from mine