Max USB port current?

I would need to connect a 4G dongle to the RockPi-S (v1.3): Huawei E3372h
Unfortunately it needs 0.7 A ; I am afraid the Rock Pi USB port cannot handle this load…?
Which is the maximum current the board can supply through the USB port?

Since RockPi S is usb 2.0 - you are limited to 0.5A, best what i can advice is - use cable like this and connect one of them into the same power source that rock pi s connected to

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A follow-up: Huawei 3372H-y320 works correctly with RockPiS using only the USB-A port.
LTE works OK.
Upload scenario is the most demanding in terms of power draw, but it stays just under 500mA.
This is despite the datasheet claims up to 3.5W of power draw (which would equate to 700mA).