Max input voltage of ADC


I want to use the ADC (pin: ADC_IN0) and want to make sure that I’m reading the datasheet correctly.

It seems that the input range is 0-1*AVDD, which I find to be 1.8 V “typically” from the Technical Reference Manual - Part 1.

Is this right? If it is, I feel like this is something that should be explicitly stated in the “getting started” guide - seeing as the general IO level is 3.3 V.

Yes, you are right. The information about the input voltage of ADC, up to 1.8V, should be stated, which is already added to Thanks.

Thanks, Stephen.

If I can make another suggestion, I would say that this information should also be listed under the " IO Voltage" headline. Now it’s listed under “More details about V11/V12 Headers”, and is easy to miss. I know that I would have probably missed that the input voltage of the ADC is different from the GPIO voltage if I just had a quick look at the documentation.

Right now the “IO Voltage” paragraph says:

RK3308 have two IO voltages, 1.8V/3.3V . For ROCK Pi S, the voltage level of GPIOs showed in the tables above are 3.3V and tolerance of those are 3.63V .

If the following could be added, I think that would clarify things:

For hardware V11 and V12, an ADC input is included. This ADC has an input voltage range of 0-1.8V.

Is there a way to contribute to the documentation pages? I would happily add that information myself if possible.

Sure, you can add your information to Radxa WiKi. It is our pleasure.

Check this guide,

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Thanks Stephen. I have added the section I mentioned earlier, but in case someone else sees this topic and want to contribute to the wiki I’d like to point out that they will need to register a separate account on the Wiki (the forum account will not work there). To log in on the Wiki, use this link:

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