Manjaro Source Files

For all those aspiring os implementers out there, here’s a pastebin for manjaro’s default kernel config: Manjaro Kernel Config
I, for one, am going to look into installing gentoo with this base and see if that’s remotely feasible.
I also created a github repository that has the complete device tree from manjaro sourced from /sys/firmware/base
Hopefully, someone can find a good use for this: Manjaro Device Tree
Good luck! I hope this helps.

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Isn’t manjaro open source? Where is there source code hosted?

Manjaro is open sourced but not all Manjaro implementations are the same. This is useful in building your own kernel if that’s something you’re interested in doing. You can compare this config (WiFi not working) to the Debian stretch default config (WiFi working) to isolate the modules required for that. TLDR: this config is specific to the rock pi 4 and won’t be found on Manjaros source repos. Cheers!