Mainline u-boot & NVMe

Does anyone know if mainline u-boot should detect my NVMe drive?

I have compiled with NVMe & PCIe support as well as the pci and nvme commands, however pci doesnt seem to detect a bus and unsurprisingly nvme scan doesnt list any drives

Did you apply the patches sent by Jagan yesterday?

Maybe discuss this by replying the email on U-boot Rockchip maillist is better.

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Hi @jack,

I have applied that patch after you pointed it out thanks.

Weirdly it only seems to work if I initially use the u-boot from sdcard (offiicial ubuntu) then boot from eMMC with the mainline u-boot which seems to imply to me that I am missing some form of initialisation for the PCIe. Is there a GPIO that must be enabled to power the PCIe port or something similar? I think this is contributing to my intermittent nvme issue.

Any other thoughts?

@piter75 and @darp seem to have been playing with this kind of thing at some stage too based on my searching, I dont suppose you guys having anything that could help.

Cheers all

I got some help from the great guys over on the u-boot mailing list, I applied the above patch from Jagan and also this patch and now have consistently working PCIe and NVMe in mainline u-boot and in mainline linux (5.6.14)

Next up I might take a crack at SPI but given I am using eMMC for boot and plan to use the NVMe as a Ceph OSD, I might might wait a while and just going to enjoy the success and get my rook cluster up and running.

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Just a final update on this. It appears since at least 2020.10 u-boot all the patches are now mainline and NVMe just works.

It is also coming to Armbian v20.11 (still with v2020.07 u-boot though) :slight_smile: