Mainline Linux kernel

What is the mainline linux status?
Are there any linux repo right now?
It will be nice to have armbian support with mainline linux
They have merge request for 5.10 kernel

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Like already for 1 year for 4a+, 4b+ revision

If anybody try to boot mainline + all thah patches and maintain some git repo

Basic support for rk3588 is submitted and we sent some ROCK5B to collabora already.


Any git repo with mainline linux with some unmerged patches ?

And some status report
what is working and what don’t for now
btw I don’t expect any backport for panfrost GPU drivers

I am looking on this

Anybody know how is RockChip linux kernel maintainer ?
If they have anybody or not
For example Amlogic has linux kernel maintainer
and he has up to date git repo with latest unmerged stuff

I found rockchip linux kernel maintainer git repo

But it looks like he is not up to date :slight_smile:

Still Heiko.

Yes there is some progress on RK3588

Can boot it off emmc and sd card with gmac working and thermals too. Still very early though.

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With and a device-tree patch (similar to the Rock 5a one) I have managed to boot the mainline kernel on Rock 5b, but only to an initramfs shell over serial console. There seem to be PCIe patches somewhere, which should make it significantly more useful, but I haven’t tested them yet.


Please use Andrews source from

We can boot into linux with both lan and pcie support working decently.

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Which DT file are you using for this kernel? I cannot see Rock 5B dt in this tree.


Is there any new progress?

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very basic support for rk3588 has been merged for linux-next (so 6.1) but there’s no support for pcie related stuff on Rock5b, so no ethernet or other peripherals
Don’t expect anything more than a bootable kernel before 6.2 and even then Rock5b is probably not the first board to have most stuff working

in the meantime it might be worthwhile to play with Sebastian Reichelts Kernel branch:

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Anybody plan to maintain rk3588 linux mainline on armbian project?
It should be mostly mainline kernel + maintaining unmerged and work in progress patch set

So everybody can build distro with latest linux kernel

It would be probably meaningless unless we can get most of the hardware working or at least the PCIe working.

PCIe patches are somewhere pending to merge.
So it is all about collecting this small pieces :slight_smile:

Where can you see those patches? I don’t see any PRs here

You are right I can’t find any in
But I am sure it should be same as for any other RK…

Ah guess I was looking in the wrong place. There is an initial device tree. Something is happening :slight_smile:

And you can take some from

or here