Mainline kernel

I really need mainline kernel integrateion.
Right now, to get a working bluetooth, we need to compile the kernel using GCC v7, The current GCC is v10. Using gcc v7 is not practical for most projects.

I notice that the Rock Pi 4 is in mainline :

Any chance of getting the Rock Pi S into mainline as well ?

It’s already there:

It hasn’t been accepted and integrated.

Further on this,

That DTS has no support for wifi and Bluetooth.

Is there anyone from Radxa who is willing to do the required support to get a functioning kernel easily running ?

I notice Armbian has dropped support for the rockpis after attempting to get mainline working but failing.

We lack time to proceed so its temporarily on hold.

I’ve gotten a few mails about up streaming some the glue patches, but don’t have the time to submit stuff.

A more pressing issue is that newer kernels have grown in size, and don’t boot without playing around with the load locations. Would be nice if this patch gets worked in so we can switch to a more recent version of u-boot as well.