M2 Extension Board working?


i’m using a 4b+ and try to use the m2 extension board. How can i test, if my m2 extension board is working? I installed armbian 23.02.2 on the emmc and it’s working. I then attached the m2 extension board on the 4b+ and inserted a Kingston 120GB on it. After boot, i checked lsblk, but no nvme shows up. I put the m2 into an USB3 to M2 adapter and by using lsusb, i found a sda device. So the Kingston m2 module is working.

Is there a way to check, if the m2 extension board is working? Could it be, that the Kingston is not recognised by the extension board?

Any help is appreciated.

Kind rgards

it’s passive extender, only extending m.2 socket electrically, should not do any difference.

Not every nvme drive is supported, check out dmesg so You can see that it failed to negotiate on pcie level. Connecting via usb is different story, probably You will have limited speed and different chip to talk to.

To check if extender makes any difference - just connect Your m.2 card directly to board with some weight on it so it would be ugly extending but has it’s interface. Probably You will have same issues without extender. Easiest solution is to replace m.2 to something that is supported.