M2 Bifurcation Board

Hi, I’m very interested in using the bifurcation support on the 5b to run a M.2 drive and an M.2 style 10gb nic. Has anyone been able to locate a M.2 x4 to dual M.2 x2 board / adapter?

Is this something radxa plans to release similar to their sata board for the e key slot?

I have not been able to locate one so I made one myself:

Believe me, it will be simpler to just use board that doesn’t require bifurcation to work

@semi Were you able to get these made somewhere that also soldered on the connectors or did you have to do that yourself?

We are still looking for more insights about this board, have You had chance to test some m/2 devices? how they work and is that stable enough?
What about power?
Someone asked about differential pair, is that a problem like with USB?

@jbutler You can just drop @semi file to any good PCB maker and they will produce and assembly everything for You. Jlcpcb is charing about $55 for 5x ready to use boards. Of course You can solder that Yourself and get bare boards for about $8 + shipping. The only thing that You need to pay attention is board thickness - it have to be 0.8mm.

I did order them at JLCPCB and soldered them myself. But like @Dominik already said, you can have them assembled there.
I did not test it with different M.2 devices but I had my setup running with a sata SSD and a sketchy ATX-PSU for about a month. I have openmediavault running and I have had no problems so far.
The two lanes of each differential pair should have the same lenght. Since I make a 180° turn on the board and didn’t bother with length matching I ended up with a length difference of up to 1.5mm. The difference should be less than 1ps, meaning that the length difference should be smaller than 0.1mm.