M.2 wifi card - does it work?

Hi guys,

Considering the board specs, the M.2 wifi adapters should work with the N10 board. However after I tried using Intel 3168 card, I see nothing either in dmesg not lspci. Am I missing something?
Could it be that the problem with my OS which is armbian, 5.12.6-rockchip64?

Level on support for N10 on Armbian. Some hardware is supported, tested with active investments of developers time and energy while some images just exists - are just build based and noted as CSC (community supported configuration) - with unknown support status. Configuration to the build system was made by occasional contributor, but lack of resources prevents bringing it to better support levels. Welcome to help up, I am sure Armbian maintainers are already busy over the top.

Hi, Alexey

The M.2 E key on ROCK Pi N10 only support SDIO+UART wifi cards, there is no pcie bus on the M.2 E key because of the cpu limitation. Please use other SDIO+UART wifi cards.