M.2 To SATA 3.0

Just purely experimenting but anyone tried M.2 To 4 Ports SATA 3.0 / NGFF PCIe B+M key to 2 Port SATA 3.0

Still awaiting delivery but may hoard some projects to play on and without the board or m.2 extender just wondering if anybody has tried anything other than just NVME SSD?

The ones that I can find that may be compatible are a bit pricey so if anyone has any alternative sources please post.

I just purchased the RockPi4 because I love that form factor and need to get my head round the “reverse pin issues” of ver1 vs ver2 or whatever it is.

I guess if I am just playing I could get a NGFF M2 M.2 to PCI-E 4x 1x Slot Riser Card ?

That sort of breaks the great form factor though but could give access to cheaper “cards”
Which beings me to my next question of suppose there is 12v available onboard that you can hook up to?

Not sure if the 2x or 4x Sata cards would work given the dual notches. Pretty sure the pcie riser card would physically fit but not sure about the board/OS recognizing it. It seems it should.

Would be interested to know if the riser card works. Adding a PCIe Sata card to that could be interesting. you would still need to work out the power requirements, AFAIK the rockpi4 does not have 12v.

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Same here is actually fairly confused about the variety of m.2 and a whole rake of micro pcie that seem to be doing the same thing but incompatible.

From what I have read “M.2 modules with two notches in B and M positions use up to two PCI Express lanes and provide broader compatibility at the same time, while the M.2 modules with only one notch in the M position use up to four PCI Express lanes; both examples may also provide SATA storage devices. Similar keying applies to M.2 modules that utilize provided USB 3.0 connectivity”

But not sure if anyone is sure :slight_smile: but the above B+M are 2 lane cards.

Going completely crazy and external GPU I suppose this is possible.

It should work in theory. At least lspci should detect it.

I think its worth an experiment and I am just going to try a

As $23.32 bit pricey for what it is but the m.2 format IMHO is such a better format than the way Pine have gone with the full size x4 PCIe slot.
The x4 port Sata is prob the one to go for but slightly pricey for a tor dipping test.

I shall post results when all arrives.

2.5" sdd & laptop drives only use 5v so I guess I could take that from the GPIO header?

eGPU maybe next :slight_smile:

I think ASM1061 doesn’t worth 23usd, find another store.

Already purchased Jack whilst I wait for a great 4 port Radxa version :slight_smile:
Doesn’t matter its just to test, but actually really struggled to find that.