M.2 5G modem on Rock Pi 4?

I have been looking through the forum and wiki for info but the only learnt Rock 3 supports 5G module through M.2. Does this go the same for Rock Pi 4? I am looking for specifically Rock Pi 4 Plus.

Are M.2 5G modules supported in Rock Pi 4 Plus? Are there modems that are know to be supported?

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tagging @hipboi , who mentioned this capability.

Can specify which m.2 5G module do you want to use?

Thank you for your prompt response!

There are a few we’re looking at. all are powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X55 modem though.

Models we’ve considered so far, to name a few:

  • SimComm SIM8200EA-M2
  • GosunCN GM800
  • Waveshare SIM8202G-M2 / SIM8200EA-M2

Are these sensible choices?

@jack @hipboi any updates?

Hello, still looking at the options here :slight_smile: @jack @hipboi

Better to check their compability with linux and arm SBC in total.

Sorry for reopening a stale post, but I find myself in the same boat. Can the op please provide any info on where this went? were you able to integrate any of the 5G modules? any advice? Thanks