M.2 2280 NGFF SSD on Rock Pi 4B (C) 1.4

I have this old
Bullet Proof 5 Eco BP5e | 80mm SATA III (6G) M.2 2280 NGFF SSD | PHISON S10 (PS3110) Controller

Based on FAQ SATA SSD are not supported but I didn’t see anything about NGFF SSDs
Anyone happen to know if it might still possibly have partial support and if not, what brand and model NVMe SSD should I pick up? There is a reported Intel SSD that is supported but it doesn’t list a part number.

Intel 660P Series 512 GB works fine

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Thank you, and that works in the boot loader as well?

boot SPI without sdcard or emmc

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The FAQ has a list of NVMe’s known to work/not/boot

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