Low latency GPIO / bare metal


I’m trying to find an alternative board to the Raspberry Pi for a Pistorm, but it needs super fast GPIO with low latency. I cannot find any information on the speeds, this would be bare metal.

I’ve been told that an alternative board would require a read GPIO latency of <50ns. Basically, a board would need to be able to be as good or faster than the following:

PI4: Read: 104nS, Write(toggle): 7.8nS,  DIR(3ports): 18.4nS
PI3: Read: 74nS,  Write(toggle): 14.7nS, DIR(3ports): 30nS 

The last number is the speed to set all 3 gpio banks to input or output.

Note, that if this is possible, I can guarantee sales of more boards.

Can any of your boards handle this? The new 6 board?