Looking for the latest kernel source

Following the instructions in https://github.com/radxa/debos-radxa i was able to build rock3a official image which runs well on rock3a board.
Its kernel revision is 4.19.193-42-rockchip-ge29be2b2ed27 gotten from command “uname -r”.
The official kernel source can be retrieved from https://github.com/radxa/kernel/tree/stable-4.19-rock3, but there is no such revision branch/tag 4.19.193-42 or hask key e29be2b2ed27 found.
Can someone help on this ?

Thank you

kernel version is defined in Makefile
hash key vaule is the git commit id

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Thanks for your reply.
I searched the tag 4.19.193-42 in git without finding which is a misunderstanding. And i can find the hash key e29be2b2ed27 now.