Logic Level Converter

I examined the datasheet at “https://dl.radxa.com/rockpix/docs/hw/ROCK_Pi_X_V1.3_SCH_20200814.pdf”. In the “CONNECT” schematic, “logic level converter” is used on the “gpio” pins. On the “UM3204” integration data sheet, the minimum and maximum values ​​of the “Vcca” and “Vccb” pins are specified. These values ​​seem to match the input and output of the processor’s “gpio” pins. However, some users state that they measure the “gpio” pin output voltage as “1.8v”. there is a pointless point here. The 1.8v output seems less than the Vccb values ​​of the “UM3204” integration, which makes no sense. I could not find where I am making a mistake. Does anyone do research on this?

Did you read this thread, apparently in (at least some) v1.4 PCB’s the UM3204 was soldered on incorrectly which leads to the GPIO pins being 1.8V (the x86 standard) instead of 3.3V (the expected standard).

yes I have read this thread. However, on the UM3204 integration information page, the expression “1.65V to 3.6V on A Port and 2.3V to 5.5V on B Port(VCCA≤VCCB)” is mentioned. this statement seems to contradict the problem in question.

I understand my mistake now. I have read the document on 1.3. excuse me.