Linux OS for ROCK PI N10 to use RKNN-Toolkit

The image rockpi4-debian-stretch-desktop-arm64-20190730_2022-gpt.img is not booting.
I used rockpin10_debian_buster_xfce4_arm64_20200106_0710-gpt.img which is booting fine. But for RKNN-Toolkit we need tensorflow => 1.10 <= 1.13.2, There is no python wheel available for that version with python 3.7 which is default on debian buster and python 3.6 cannot be installed . Can someone point me to any working debian/ubuntu image with python 3.5/3.6?

Edit 1: I think ubuntu bionic (18.04) has python 3.6 as default version. Is there any ubuntu bionic image for Rock Pi N10?

Edit 2: I tried the rockpi-n10-fedora-desktop_20191129_2058-gpt.img image which has python3.6. But the root partition is only 5GB and while installing all prerequisites it is going over that size. I do not think it is an LVM partition so I can’t resize it.

Hi, @yokonav

we have updated the Fedora Image, please download from the Download section.

Quick introductions for the Fedora image

Thanks @jack! Now root partition size issue is solved. I was able to install all dependencies for rknn-toolkit. Now i am facing another problem. I have created a new issue for that.