Linux, libgpio, not all pins usable?

In Linux, Armbian, with gpioset command I can set only these pins:

/dev/gpiochip0 15
/dev/gpiochip0 16
/dev/gpiochip0 17
/dev/gpiochip2 10
/dev/gpiochip2 16
/dev/gpiochip2 4
/dev/gpiochip2 5
/dev/gpiochip2 7
/dev/gpiochip2 8
/dev/gpiochip2 9

How to activate others to work as normal GPIO?
Is there any tool to change function of PINs from command line?

root@rockpi1:~# which gpioset gpioget

root@rockpi1:~# cat /etc/issue
Armbian 22.08.0-trunk Bullseye \l

root@rockpi1:~# dpkg -l | grep gpio | cut -b1-40
ii gpiod 1.6.2
ii libgpiod2:arm64 1.6.2

Pins marked with “/dev/gpio…” are working OK.
Others don’t.

Here are graphics:


You need to show this to right people. I am not the one.

Thanks for support. :slight_smile:

Here we go:

I will try new images also.

New images didn’t help…

Installed image:


downloaded from

apt-get update
apt-get full-upgrade

apt-get install gpiod

Connected leds and run:

while true; do for val in 0 1; do killall gpioset; for chip in $(seq 0 4); do for pin in $(seq 0 31); do gpioset -b -msignal $chip $pin=$val; echo $chip $pin $val; sleep .01; done; done; done; done

to test all pins.

And for example pin GPIO1_C7 never blinks,
GPIO1_C6 never blinks,
GPIO1_D0 never blinks…