Linux Kernel 4.14

Hello Everyone,

I would like to know if anyone is working on Linux kernel 4.14 for rockpie or atleast for rk3328 where I can add patches for rockpie support.

Looking to try Ipfire on it.


Rockchip moved to 4.19 as another vendor LTS kernel, this is already released for Android 10. We will soon move to 4.19 for Linux also.

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Linux 4.14 LTS already has support for Rockchip RK3328.


I don’t see any reason why you need a separate tree supporting rk3328.

Thanks for quick reply.

ipfire is using 4.14 and they have some linux hardening done. I have compiled it from source now just needed 4.14 source for rk3328 where I can patch the RockPiE dts or if anyone have pushed it to their branch then I could reuse it.

I will check upstream and see what extra is needed to add RockPiE support.


You’ll need to create a patch file to add support for ROCK Pi E dts in the kernel (whichever is used by ipfire).

Here’s something to start with

Keep in mind that upstream kernel has many rules to be followed upon. Refer to existing DTS (sample) for guidelines.

My suggestion would be to write the DTS from scratch and only add the nodes and properties you require or as supported by ipfire.

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Thanks for the reply.

Yes I have followed armbians nodes but I think I should better use the one from 4.4.
I see that 4.14 and 5.4 have similar rk3328.dtsi so hopefully 5.4’s patch to add rk3328 rockpie support.

Here is the gist for patch, Do you think I should use 4.4 nodes?

@spikerguy Armbian supports a lot of devices not already in upstream kernel and a lot of small patches are used (USB3.0, etc).

The patch will be okay with armbian but will fail on ipfire kernel.

You can take the patch from armbian as reference and write your own dts for the Pi E.

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@spikerguy If your discussion has come to a conclusion, you can marked the post as the solution.

Refer to this image:


@spikerguy You can also view this file on github repository where you can find the DTS which can be directly used on kernel 4.14, but remove the USB3 nodes.

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This looks good to me.
I see &usbdrd_dwc3 is the usb3 which i can ignore and try to use the same dts as patch over 4.14 and see how far it can run.

Thanks for all the support.