Yet another audio issue.
I want to use analog audio on RockPi S.
Have been fiddling a couple of days and I can’t make it work.
Installed Debian from:
So, my current kernel is: 4.4.143-65

I intend to use analog audio on LINEOUT and MIC.
Now I am focusing on pins 51 LINEOUT_R and 52 LINEOUT_L according to pinout.
When I do speaker-test -c2 -t sine -f 500 I get tone on pin 52 LINEOUT_L but speaker-test says 1 - Front Right ?
I also get tone out on pins: 28,38,46,48 with different amplitudes (volume)…?

I am confused. Maybe just lack of basic understanding…

Anyone, advise or suggestions please!

Well, it looks like I just read the pinout the wrong way…
These pins are LINEOUT.

Now I will continue with the mics…