Lineage OS can't pass the remote screen

I recently received my Zero and installed last version of Lineage OS with Gapps.
After install, i can’t pass the remote screen, even with pair my smartphone through bluetooth.
Is there any way that i can get lineage os working bypassing the remote screen?
Till now, i have an useless SBC because i can’t install official android because windows 7/10 compatibility issues with RZ USB Boot Helper…

Since LineageOS is not officially sanctioned by Radxa (it was listed as 3rd party image), you have to contact @Stricted to see what’s going on. However, if you are having issue with Windows, you can try booting into a Linux live image and follow our Linux guide to reinstall our official Android image on your Zero.

The only way I could skip it was using a USB keyboard and pressing ESC.

After that, you don’t need it anymore.

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If you have a computer and a cable to connect the Radxa to it, you can alternatively install scrcpy and click with the right button while on that screen (it emulates the back button).

thanks! i will try tomorrow. install scrcpy through ADB right?

It’s a computer application, the scrcpy will install itself through adb when you call it.

At least here it freezes from time to time and I have to restart the app, but not a big deal.

keyboard don’t work… later i will try the scrcpy…
Now i will try Aidan’s custom rom. It boot’s successful and have wifi connection. next days i will explore more

Not sure if you still need to get out of the remote screen, but what you can do is pair your phone with the zero to trick it into thinking you connected a remote. See below:

When your zero is on the remote screen, turn on Bluetooth on your phone, and look for devices to pair. You should see a device named “Radxa zero”. Tap to pair with it, you might get some numbers either on the phone or the android tv screen as a password for pairing, enter those. Once the pairing is done, the remote screen should be gone. This only needs to be done once. If after pairing successfully you still see the remote screen, then reboot the zero, or connect a keyboard and hit the ESCAPE key.

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Only way for me was using an xbox controller! Just turn it on then connect button for 3 secs, then it connected to the radxa!!

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