LibreElec SSD boot on Rock Pi 4


I have a SSD reader, on one side I connect the M2 SSD, on the other side it is connected to my PC. I was able to upload the Armbian image to it through Balena Etcher, and Rock Pi 4 was booting successfully (no SD&eMMC).

Then I tried the same process with LibreElec image, but it is not booting. It gives a following message in console: "libreelec could not mount uuid "

I decided to try LibreElec USB-SD creator instead of Balena Etcher, but it didn’t recognize my SSD in the options.

How can it be done?

I am using following image: LibreELEC-RK3399.arm-10.0.2-rock-pi-4

I used this image previously on SD card and everything was working fine.

Link to the LibreElec forum for the same issue:

Solved by using the old image instead of the latest on