Libmraa on a 22.04 ubuntu?

Hello there.
I have installed a ubuntu server distro, 22.04 version.
I managed to compile the latest libmraa (not the 0.4 on the site), but when I do mraa-gpio list it replies “No pins” instead of the list of pins

My questions are : did someone manage to use libmraa on a 22.04 ?
Did someone manage to compile the kernel on a 22.04 ubuntu (mine cries about some certificates)
Did someone manage to install libmraa on a 20.04 (kernel downgrade), recently ? (this is december 2022)
(I’m considering reinstalling a 20.04) : what parameter do I have to set (my kernel is generic, maybe it should be intel, or what should I enable in soc support ?)