Let's start from some basic questions for using Rock Pi 4


I searched the forum dozens of times, I don’t see the answers of some very basic questions. Probably we should have a FAQ section and post the answers there so the new comers don’t have to dig. Man, you have to admit living in a Linux is very time consuming. like you need unlimited spare time LOL.

  1. How to use Raspberry HAT. I got the answer for this one after weeks of digging. You can find the answer in the Operating System Distribution discussions.

  2. How to watch video on YouTube (Hulu, Vimeo …) smoothly … legit beginner’s question right? I don’t see the answer here. Hardware video acceleration is disabled in Chromium and Vivaldi, setting the flag of ignore the blacklist is not enough, turning on the GPU rasterization just makes things worse.

  3. ---- I’m just beginner myself, I will have more basic questions like these…

UPDATE: I got the anwser for the 2nd question, see my post “Building Debian ARM64” under Operating System category.


I’ve had pretty good luck with video using Firefox browser

  1. is something hard to solve, as far as we know.

There is some solutions running an armhf docker in arm64 to support

Chromium browser with support for Flash and DRM-protected commercial web video streaming (tested with Amazon Prime, should also work with Netflix, Hulu, etc.),

You can check: https://forum.armbian.com/topic/9272-development-rk3399-media-script/


That’s weird. arm64 build plays YouTube video very well, but no sound. armhf build has sound, but the video is terrible.